Archchain is a project that encompasses applications of blockchain and distributed ledgers in the design and management of buildings and cities. 

The  BIMChain subproject is an integration project between blockchain(s) and building Information modeling applications. The project seeks to redefine value creation, trust, and collaboration in architectural design and the built environment. BIM-to-Blockchain integration subproject is currently developing three prototypes, using Ethereum public chains and Hyperledger technologies. The prototypes focus in the conceptual architectural design, in team collaboration and in post-occupancy of buildings. BIM-to-Blockchain Integration is funded by the pump priming research fund of the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.

Citychain is a project regarding the use of blockchains in the design and programming on cities, whether new or old. It seeks to redefine the manner in which data are captured and used in an urban design environment, and to exploit the distributed, open nature of blockchains to drive innovation, and resilience  in urban design. Initial conceptual ideas have materialised in the Futuristic city urban design competition in 2017, where our proposal  was awarded the 3rd prize amongst over a thousand of submissions.