PI Theo Dounas achieves Consensys Blockchain Development Certification status

At www.archchain.cc we have been building design tools on the Ethereum blockchain, to create infrastructure for decentralised architectural design and Building Information Modeling. From September to November 2020, Dr Theo Dounas participated as a student in the ConsenSys Academy Ethereum Developer Bootcamp, to improve his skills in writing smart contracts and developing decentralised applications on the Ethereum Blockchain. On 22/12/2020 we received news that Theo completed the course and that he is now a Consensys certified Ethereum Blockchain Developer. To achieve the certification Theo had to engage with a multitude of tools and development processes but also prototype a functioning dAPP. For this final project Theo build a dAPP that allows users to create their own unique Art Token and all it on a simple market. You can find the code for this project here: https://github.com/arlav/ArtToken

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