Conference papers:

eCAADe 2018 paper: CAD-Blockchain integration

CAADRiA 2019 paper: Blockchain Grammars

eCAADe / SiGRADi 2019 paper: Towards Blockchain for Architectural Design

eCAADe 2020 paper: Smart Contracts for Building information modelling

sigradi 2020 Paper: Blockchain Grammars for Validating the Design Process

Journal Papers:

2020, Framework for Decentralised Architectural Design, International Journal of Architectural computing, Open Access

Architectural Design:

The Adventurous Architecture Futuristic City for Yilong, China


ArchChain DAO on the Kovan test network.

Archchain DAO

Optimisation prototype – Github repository

decentralised building information modelling

Grasshopper Plugin for connecting with an Ethereum Blockchain